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Gold Trading platform
There are many ways to buy and sell gold, such as going to a bank or a gold store, as well as a gold trading platform. Of course, if you want to invest in gold, it is very important to choose a way, so which gold trading platform is better, buy gold bars to the bank or gold shop? This article introduces the problems of gold trading platform for novice investors to refer to.
Which gold trading platform is better
1. Judge the legitimacy of the platform by qualification
Choose platform the first step sees this platform to have precious metal to manage qualification, and what trade breed can accept. Investors need to check the platforms' websites to find out information about licenses and whether they can buy and sell gold and silver, and check the regulator's website to see if the published information is true.
2. Investigate the reliability of the platform through various channels
With so much information flowing through these days, investors have many ways to gauge a platform's strengths and weaknesses. The easiest way to do this is to look up information about the platform online and see what the word of mouth is like. If you can, visit these platforms to see the strength of precious metals companies.
3. Test the speed of the platform through trading, etc
After deciding to open an account of gold platform, can formally begin trading. It's best to test and practice in a mock account for a while before making a real transaction. Through the test, the whole trading process and steps of gold can be clarified, and the analysis technology can be connected in the simulation system, which is very helpful for the formal trading in the future.
Buy gold bars to the bank or the store
Buy gold bars to the bank best, Trade Gold mainly because the gold bars sold by the bank are guaranteed in quality, and the gold bars sold by the bank have very good liquidity ability. Generally, it is better to go to the gold store to buy gold ornaments. In the later stage, gold ornaments can be exchanged for new ones, and the ability to cash is relatively poor. So when buying gold bar investment, it is best to go to the bank.
When banks buy gold bars, they generally choose the lower position of gold prices to buy, so that they can sell profits after the subsequent rise. After buying gold bars, there may be a decline in the situation, after the fall can be patient hold later will generally rise back, and the price of gold is affected by many aspects.
When buying gold jewelry, you must know how to distinguish the real from the fake. The easiest way to do this is to put it on the fire for a while and watch what happens to it. If the gold is not pure enough, it turns grey.
In addition to physical gold, many people also buy gold futures online. However, they should pay attention to risks in the process of buying and selling. The possibility of loss is very high. Gold futures trading requires an account to be opened and can then be traded in the futures market. Gold futures trading uses a margin system, which is generally set at about 10 percent of the total value of the gold transaction.
This article focuses on which gold trading platform is better, and to buy gold bars to the bank or the store. If it is to do gold futures investment, we should pay special attention to the selection of platform, be sure to choose a formal and reliable platform, specific how to choose can refer to the points mentioned in this article. If investors buy gold bars, the proposal or go to the bank, the bank's gold bars will be more reliable.
Trade Gold, Silver, and Platinum
It is well known that gold investment can be carried out smoothly, it is the basis to choose a formal and reliable gold investment platform. If the platform selected is not reliable, then investors will be very difficult to trade. So the specific ranking of the top gold investment platform is what, how to choose a reliable gold investment platform? This article will give you the introduction of gold investment platform related issues.
Top gold investment platform
Jinrong China Finance Co., LTD
Established in 2010 with the approval of the Hong Kong Government, Jinrong China Finance Co., LTD is not only supervised by the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Industry Trading Exchange, but also the highest level AA member of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Industry Trading Exchange. Jinrong China is mainly engaged in London gold, London silver and RMB kilo bars and other precious metals business. Since its establishment, Jinrong China has been committed to safeguarding investors' rights and interests. In order to reduce the investment cost and threshold of investors and facilitate investors to better conduct investment trading activities, Jinrong China provides investors with free account opening, and continuously launches preferential gifts.
Guosheng Gold Industry Co., LTD
Guosheng Gold Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on providing precious metal investment services to global investors. Guosheng Gold industry holds the AA license of Hong Kong Gold and Silver Trading Center. Can legally operate London gold and other precious metals business, all transactions are recognized and regulated by the gold and silver trading house and governed by the laws of Hong Kong.
Tianyu Gold Co., LTD
Tianyu International is a global financial institution with roots in Hong Kong, operating in the Asia-pacific region and major cities in China. Tianyu Gold is a member of the Hong Kong Gold and silver Trade and an authorized electronic trader of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange.
Hong Kong Guotai gold industry Co. LTD
Cathay Gold Co., Ltd. is a class AA member of the Hong Kong Gold and silver Trading Exchange, committed to providing professional and individual investors with the best quality leveraged gold and silver 24-hour spot trading services.
How to choose gold investment platform
It is suggested to choose the trading platform in Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is the world's financial system and has strict supervision on financial planning. But also can't say that the platform of Hong Kong is good, there are also some scam platforms so investors do a good job screening.
Investors take the initiative to query the documents of the platform. When screening the gold investment platform, the first thing to do is to query the formality of the platform. At this time, we should go to the institutions under the supervision of the government to query. At the same time, some platforms may have the license of some organization, but if the organization does not have the supervision ability, this license will only frighten the novice.
Generally speaking, the products and services of commercial banks or gold and jewelry companies with abundant funds and high popularity are more trustworthy to investors. In addition, if it is established by the complementary advantages of large-scale jewelry companies and commercial banks, it is often more popular with investors. Therefore, investors choose gold investment platforms, and the strength of gold merchants can also be an important part of the evaluation.
As for the problem of gold investment platform, this paper focuses on the top gold investment platform, and how to choose a reliable gold investment platform. At present, there are many formal gold investment platforms in China. This paper also recommends some well-known platforms for investors to consider. In addition, as to how to choose a platform, you can judge and analyze it according to the methods mentioned in the article.
Precious Metals Trading
Investment in spot gold is also required to open an account, only after a good account and into the gold, to carry out the normal spot gold trading. Many novice friends do not have futures investment experience, so there are problems in spot gold account. So how to do the specific spot gold account, spot gold investment skills? This article will tell you about the spot gold transaction.
How to open a spot gold account
Be prepared to open an account. When it comes to international spot gold how to open an account, the first step is that investors should be prepared before opening an account. Find a suitable standard gold platform of high quality Gold Trading platform, and then prepare the mobile phone number and email address to be used when registering, as well as identification documents and bank card and other materials.
Opening an account is easy but careful. Spot gold account opening process is not complicated, just need to fill in personal information and bank card information according to the prompts, choose the right account type, identity documents and bank card photo upload for the platform and bank check. But investors need to carefully complete every step, especially read the user agreement and agree to the terms of the agreement before continuing to open an account.
Notes after opening an account. After investors fill out the information and submit it, the platform usually notifies them of the success of the account by email within a short time. Investors should log in to the trading software and change the password immediately after obtaining the account and password. Investors should note that opening an account is not required to pay fees to the formal platform, but to inject an account deposit to activate the account, the deposit as the account net value for future investment.
Spot gold investment skills
Trade Gold Novice gold investment grasp the opportunity to market breakthrough. After a long period of consolidation and shock, the gold price will finally make a directional choice. It is an efficient and stable way for investors to make profits by chasing after the market direction. This requires traders to have a good ability to observe and judge breakthroughs. Investors can use some important moving averages and support/resistance levels as a reference when making a breakout. Generally speaking, a breakout is considered effective when gold closes above the daily K line.
Day trading strategy. Day trading is probably the most common active trading strategy. As the name implies, this method refers to closing the trading on the same day, closing the opening day and not holding the position overnight. Day trading was traditionally done by professional traders, but today's electronic trading platforms allow each investor to make such trades.
Band trading strategy. Swing trading uses long-term charts and other methods to determine the trend direction of the current spot gold price. Depending on the trend, such transactions can last from days to weeks and sometimes longer. By intervening in the volatility of gold prices, investors can make money on the ups and downs of the market.
Swing your trading strategy. There is usually some price fluctuation after the end of a gold price trend, and investors buy or sell gold when it starts to fluctuate. Typically, investors create a set of trading rules based on technical or basic analysis. They don't need to accurately predict the peaks and troughs of price movements, just determine the direction of the trend.
On the spot gold transaction, this paper focuses on the spot gold account how to do, and spot gold investment skills. It can be seen that spot gold investment account is still simple, investors only need to prepare the relevant materials can go to deal with. However, to achieve greater returns, investors need to master relevant trading techniques and strategies, which will improve with experience.